Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Asakusa Again! Among other things

Alright, fast post today because it's late and I'm tired. Next time I come to Tokyo I want to take things slower, it's been very fun, but also very tiring trying to see as much as I can in as little time as possible.

Notable events: I went to Yuki's university today to meet up with her friend Motoko so she could show me around while Yuki was in class. First we went to an English conversation lunch where they made "Chicago-style hot dogs." They didn't have buns so they mixed up some batter and made what looked like pancakes to wrap the buns in but didn't taste as fluffy as pancakes.

Yuki in front of her school's clock tower:

After, Motoko and I went to Asakusa again! She hadn't been there since she was a little kid, so she really wanted to go see everything again too. This time it wasn't too late to pray at the temple so we went in, threw some yen into these grates and prayed to the thunder god so there wouldn't be any storms during my flight and to the wind god for good winds. I also bought a charm for studying, students in Japan buy them so they can do well in their classes - I'll need it for my upcoming placement test in Chinese.

More Asakusa pictures:

After, we went back to the university to eat dinner in the cafeteria with Yuki. For silverwear they have cheap, plastic cafeteria chopsticks, spoons for curry dishes, spoons for miso soup, and maybe some other things. You have to pay money for each meal, you don't get a meal plan. There's also a fixed time schedule so everyone has lunch at the same time (which is why we didn't eat lunch there because it was packed). I ate what Yuki called a Japinized curry dish.

Then we went to Shibuya and did some karaoke, you walk in and ask for a room, they tell you the number and you go up the stairs to whichever floor your room is on. As soon as we got out of the elevater we could hear some awful singing and we all laughed. Our room was a tiny little corner room. We'd reserved the room for an hour and when we got in we ordered some food (dessert, really) and drinks and got to work. There were these huge books with a section each for English, Korean, and Japanese songs. I refuse to post any videos of me singing, but here are some pictures:

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  1. They have similar karaoke places here! I went with some of my korean friends once..it's so odd to have a room to yourself. But good because I don't want others to hear my singing, haha.